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Client promotion department


Everyone Wins

For over 26 years, the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition has believed that parent involvement is the key that opens the door for a child’s success in school. They provide training programs to parents, school administrators, and community members who are interested in making a difference. They strive to close the academic achievement gap, reduce dropout rates and increase scores across the board for students and schools.

While they are valiantly on the front-line, MATTER is working behind the scenes to produce bi-lingual marketing materials that are helping them to compete for public and private funding. When they win, everyone wins.

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Good idea department


Growing the Community

In the past decade, there has been a growing recognition that business’s who care for the environment and quality of life in the communities in which they operate are more likely to become successful and profitable. Many entrepreneurs—especially those from low—and moderate-income backgrounds, minorities, veterans, youth, elderly, and the disabled often lack information about triple bottom line practices, (people, planet and profit) and as often, are not easily able to access the capital or technical resources to implement them.

Rick and Jess of MATTER are excited to be co-mentoring a student in the current semester of The Greater Good Academy: an 8-week business development plan/program which trains budding entrepreneurs. The students in this session include a student eager to open a vegetarian restaurant, a women with an existing green products store for babies, and an entrepreneur working to create a healthy food market in an underserved neighborhood.

Greater Good Academy website »


New equipment department


How Heavy is big? How far is long?

How far would one go to get a new letterpress? If you ask people at MATTER, their response would be, “Well, how far could it be?” Rick and Jeremy decided that a flight to Portland, Oregon and a 3-day road trip through Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and home through Northern Colorado was doable.

MATTER is excited to welcome our latest letterpress to the studio; we are now able to design and print poster-size letterpress projects. As with each letterpress, this one comes with great stories, manufactured in Chicago, roughly 1957, and at 2300lbs, 10ft 4 in. and 40in wide, this Vandercook 219AB proof press has most recently been with our friend and talented type designer Pete McCracken of the Portland Type Company; It’s new home at MATTER will continue to educate and inspire. Stay on the lookout for the things it will help us make.

MATTER would also like the thank the faculty and eager students at The Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) for hosting Rick's lecture, and being great participants in the critiques and discussions.

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Fresh & wholesome department


Sprout Down: A Kickoff Fundraiser and Hootenanny

Sprout Down is an evening designed to support Sprout City Farms and the New Denver Green School Community Farm Project. Expect tasty food, live bands (three bands and a DJ, actually), a silent auction, guest speakers, surprises, and good times had by all. Rick will be attending and speaking at Sprout Down about his experience working with eco-conscious, sustainability minded businesses.

$7 suggested donation at the door. All funds raised will go to helping Sprout City Farms cultivate innovative urban farms on underutilized land, bringing good food to neighborhoods and generally making Denver a better place to live.

Sprout Down is Wednesday, March 30th 7pm - 11pm at
Mercury Cafe
2199 California St.
Denver, CO 80205

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