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Client promotion department


Get your game on

Casino Night, brought to you by The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce's Leads Group Program, will be the place to bring some game on the evening of May 10th. MATTER had the opportunity to work with the Event's Committee to design the logo as well as all the marketing materials to promote this exciting evening of networking and fun. The Leads Groups at the Chamber, which boasts over 300 very active members, have put together a night of gambling and networking (Talk about a chance to loose your shirt!!). Wear your party attire and bring a stack of your business cards and come 'get your game on.' This is not a member's only event...It's a great time to learn about the chamber. Tickets are limited, so buy yours today!

Denver Metro Chamber Casino Night »
Baur's Restaurant
1512 Curtis Street
May 10th, 6–9pm


The bird department


Standard Equipment & The Future of Design

What do 30,000 tweets, a packed out theater, and a the future of design have in common? MATTER of course. One Day for Design was part of a 'tweeted' discussion by designers around the US. Rick took on the task of assembling and moderating a group of 10 design peers who all came together in person to record their thoughts on the future. With of course the audience.

The 3 hour panel discussion in Denver made for very interesting dialogue. For those who missed and are interested, we took video of the Denver discussion.

Seven other moderators lead online discussions over a 24 hour period, tweeting live at each of their locations. There were more than 30,000 tweets, nearly 3,900 Twitterers and more than 650 hashtags tweeted. At one point, it ranked as the number-four trending hashtag on Twitter in the United States.

MATTER was a top talker (most tweets), one of the 'popular kids' (most retweeted), and a top retweeter. We were the only live group which might have accounted for our top talker status. Check out all the stats (which are quite interesting, in a geeky way).

On Exhibit at Crossroads.A Brief History of Standard Equipment Works from the estate of the Late Lewis Standard and the Standard Foundation, Reproduced by MATTER, Through July, 2011 (Hours Vary):
Crossroads Theater »
2590 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 832-0929


The craft fair department


Community Works

Small business is big business! Local craft fairs are coming back in a big way and grassroots events are a great channel to some of the latest and most innovative design.

MATTER will be participating in three of Denver's HorseShoe Craft Fairs; going on throughout the spring, summer and fall. Spring [May] Summer [Aug] and Fall [Oct]. We will be selling MATTERIAL soft goods, paper goods, select limited edition typographic jewelry.

Come check out what crafty things are going on in your community.
Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market
Next Event: May 7th, 2011 9am–4 pm at Tennyson and 46th Avenue.
(The day before Mothers Day!)
Horseshoe Market »