• Hand-picked & Hand-crafted
  • A playbook
  • A building-long canvas—Part I


Client promotion department


Hand-picked & Hand-crafted

Hazel & Dewey are purveyors of finely crafted modern goods. Whether it's astonishing kitchenware, awe-inspiring textiles, or adorable hand-crafted curios, they love high quality products that tell stories and make an emotional impact. They've hand-picked the very best items from the very best designers (both local and abroad) with the most discerning tastes in mind.

This dream-to-reality store was inspired by Jenna Miles’s two great aunts and serve as homage to their entertaining and hosting. This curated store collection is quickly becoming one of the hottest stores on South Broadway.

Matter was glad to help Hazel & Dewey become a reality. In addition to the brand work, MATTER has just completed sophisticated window signage – which is fast becoming a signature offering of the studio.

Hazel & Dewey
70 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209 »


The enjoy life department


A Playbook

The Perfectly You Playbook is one of the product offerings of Papillion Life, Julie Larkin’s Certified Holistic Life & Wellness Practice. Julie’s practice is firmly rooted in the idea that if you know yourself, live your strengths, be shamelessly, perfectly-you, that the whole world benefits.

MATTER was asked to design The Perfectly You Playbook which is one of Julie’s tools to guide people through this transformative process. By spending some time checking in with your heart each day, the hope is that you will come to a place of greater self-awareness, self-love, and self-fulfillment.

Check out Julie’s coaching offerings and consider buying the journal as a first step on your path for self–awareness.

Julie Larkin - CPT, HLC, "Fire Starter"
303.513.4713 »


The going big department


A 3,250 square-foot canvas—Part I

Oh, what a large-scale project. Creating the artwork for the mural for New Belgium was truly the easy part. Executing the project has had some interesting challenges. But, by the end of the process, MATTER will be able to say that we have produced design work for ALL media – including mural creation. 18-foot high scaffolding elevated a crew of young artists who performed most of their work in the late evening when the Rockies baseball team were not playing at home.

Coming to see the Rockies play? Check out the process. As of press-time, MATTER has painted 3 layers of the layout from projected images. Stay tuned for final stories and video in next months MOI.

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