• A building-long canvas—Part II
  • Girls really do rock
  • Get skooled at MATTER
  • Belarus Free Theater


Working in the great outdoors department


A building-long canvas—Part II

Baseball is not the only game that can get rained out. Denver's mini monsoon season 7/3-7/16) gave us a run for our money as we completed the New Belgium mural. A switch to early morning painting was key in completing this large canvas that now boasts a new splash of color and type for the 140’ by 25’ canvas.

The mural is now complete and we can proudly say that we braved the elements to get the job done. It was quite a ride.

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Helping the youngins department


Girls really do rock

For the 3nd year running, MATTER has joyfully been involved in helping to make Girls Rock Denver a most hands-on branded experience. The week-long summer day camp serves Colorado girls ages 8-18 during which the campers receive instrument instruction, a class on Colorado Rock History, form and perform in a band, and participate in workshops designed to build self-esteem and encourage self-expression. MATTER’s team designs and produces the camper’s ‘back-stage’ name badges, tee-shirts and tote bags. MATTER’s design team goes on-site to work with the girls to help them to create logos for each of their bands. The camp concludes with a lollapalooza performance of songs created by the girls at the camp.

A 2nd time camper close to the studio remarked that learning to play the drums was the best, until she learned to play the guitar. Rock on girls.

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The fresh department


Get skooled at MATTER

ArtSkool, Fresh City Life’s program from the Denver Public Library, is a collaborative program with local museums, galleries, dance studios, theatres, and individual artists that gives participants the tools to enjoy the arts more fully in Denver. MATTER hosted the July session entitled: Typositors.

Participants learned about the basics of typographic history and composition and design through expressive typographic experimentation. They toured the studio, saw a living history of printing and design, learned some new words and ways with art, and brought home a piece they helped to create. Look for more programs like this in the very near future.

ArtSkool: Typositors
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The avant garde theater department


In Support of Free Theatre in the East

Theatre director and producer Jesse Larner,—a long time friend of the studio has become focused on the work of the Belarus Free Theatre and hopes to bring attention to their work and raise an understanding of the work that many artists create and perform around the world in spite of the treat of imprisonment or persecution.

A voice of opposition, The Belarus Free Theatre has been operating illegally, performing in secret within dilapidated houses on the outskirts of Minsk. The group, made up of former actors from Belarus' national theatre, risk security and safety in a fight for freedom using their art. You should consider going.

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