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303 Magazine
A weird interview; you might even understand why if you read it. I think it's the opening sentence and title...\, I don't have the aspiration to be smarter, or genius. I think my enthusiasm might have been misunderstood. then again—quite possibly not. I'm always grateful for a chance to tell a story, there's always people to thank for that opportunity and I enjoyed the conversation, I just didn't quite remember it like that.

Design Observer

Design Observer
Rick Poynor's PhotoEssay. While on the lecture circuit Rick was able to pop by for a quick visit. I've always been impressed by his choice of subjects, especially Herbert Spencer and Typographica. It's nice to have met him, I think I got a little more insight into Surrealism too. Design Observer is and excellent resource. Full of awesome writers usually sharing great research and observations. And the occasional sillyness.

Design Lab

The Installation/Occupation TM. Since July 31 We have been inside the Denver Art Museum, in an opportunity in an unprecedented 'occupation' of a second floor gallery. Here's what we can share so far....Security is tight, background checks for everyone and a rigorous following of the rules and protocols. Makes or a very interesting time. It's a new definition of privacy, to be confronted by strangers. More interesting than I thought. Every day had one great conversation and one sad conversation. We produced a document for the event if you would like to receive on in the mail. Let us know Send your Address to It would be free. Since the Denver Art Museum has already paid for them. Thank them by becoming a member.View it here in a PDF.