Web Design

Better decisions are good, good decisions are better. The web can be a complex and confusing place. Modern websites can look a little bit like magic, and those in-the-know speak in more acronyms than a surly Army Drill Instructor. HTML5? CSS3? DNS? What the hell does that mean?

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Minimal Nerd Talk

Understanding, defining, and wrangling new technology is our role in this relationship. We’d rather talk web strategy and allow you to be ambitious with your goals rather than burden you with listening to us talk about using CSS media queries to create a responsive website (although we have a secret hope that this is stimulating for you, too.)

Web Audits

We have over 20 years experience working with this monster known as the Internet. We’ll use that experience when creating an external review of your online communication strategy. We can talk about everything from what you’re actually saying to how your site should function on a mobile device.


Yes, we will host your site for you. We’d rather not make too big a deal of it because frankly talking about web hosting is as interesting as a can of green beans. All we’d like to say about hosting is that we can, and that we will.

If you already have hosting, that’s great too. We will make sure it's up to snuff and move ahead. Theoretically we're just as comfortable working on your server as we are on ours.

Web Retainers

You can choose from several retainer agreements we will recommend. Retainer agreements cover everything from routine updates to major additions. We’re not picky how you choose to spend our time that you’ve paid for.