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The Pledge for Public and Private Spaces

The Pledge for Public and Private Spaces 878 1163 MATTER


Until we have moved closer to an understanding of racism in all its forms it’s best to signal that some spaces are available for the purpose of repairing the damage done by conventional thinking, conscious and unconscious bias, and the presence of racism. In this action, the space is declared safe for all. Not complicit.



Writing/Design: Rick Griffith

Type: Barlow Bold / Designed by Jeremy Tribby / Google Fonts

Edition 1 Printed by Genghis Kern, Denver

Feel free to opt-in to our special email list for teachers who have a need for this type of resource. We are in the process of removing the previous digital embargos on the various writings and expositions of Rick, you can sign-up to get an e-mail when we do. Besides being contacted to review a piece (because you’re smart) you can expect some contact (maybe) twice a year. This promises to be interesting.

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