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Brand Guide  |  40 West Artline

The 40 West design team asked us to create a brand guide for Artline, a walking and biking art experience in the heart of the 40 West Arts District in Lakewood, Colorado. We created a brand guide with a logo, brand colors, and usage that they implement with maps, collateral, and signage.

How We Elevate Event  |  A+ Colorado

How We Elevate is a fundraising event honoring prominent people in the world of education reform. Data was at the forefront. We designed multiple elements for the event that made data fun, accessible, interactive, and inspiring. Event photos by Evan Semón Photography.

Interior Fixtures  |  Alumia Institute

Using science-inspired patterns from the Alumia Institute brand, we designed multiple key fixtures for their interior.

Tabletop Menu Stand  |  Appaloosa Grill

Appaloosa Grill needed a tabletop menu to showcase their live music line-ups, drafts, after dinner drinks, and desserts. They wanted it to light up. It had to be sturdy and easy to change out. And it should be something special. These tabletop menu stands were designed and constructed in the MATTER studio, and we continue to update the menu inserts monthly.

Vehicle Wraps  |  Atomic Provisions

Full vehicle wrap designs for Fat Sully’s and Denver Biscuit Company.

Custom Typeface  |  Brightmarten

An award-winning custom typeface for a mid-century modern-inspired brand.

A Year With Ai Weiwei Exhibit  |  Denver Arts & Venues

An indoor exhibit providing historical and cultural context for Ai Weiwei’s Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads outdoor installation. This project included research and writing, timeline design, Zodiac wheel concept and construction, custom display shelving, and trilingual print and vinyl design.

Game Design  |  Funnybone Games

Alix and Julian came to us with an abundance of intelligence, energy, and incredible ideas around gameplay. Over the course of 5 years, we worked as a team to design 8 science-based, award-winning games—every one of them inspired and original.

Can Design  |  Happy Leaf Kombucha

Beginning with playful, anthropomorphic scoby characters, we designed—and continue to design—cans that are so bright, fun, and animated, a child would instinctively pick one up instead of a can of soda.

Ad Campaign  |  Housefish

Concept, photography, and layout for a digital and print ad campaign.

Environmental Elements  |  Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

Justin Cucci—restaurateur, mad genius, and lover of design—imagined the environment. We had great fun designing the logo and branded elements for that environment.

Logo Design  |  The Populist

The original logo for one of Denver’s most beloved restaurants.

Landmark Sign  |  Torpedo Coffee

Using 3D modeling, we transformed the Torpedo logo into a design for Torpedo’s exterior sign. Made from fiberglass, “Torpedo Guy” is like a lighthouse showing coffee lovers the way home.

Brand Toolkit  |  Work & Class

Toolkit for a straightforward and slightly irreverent brand.